Our Story

Rére was established under the desire to offer the market a more sustainable choice of clothing in one of the most polluting industry, the fashion industry. Upon prompt trend changes, our consumption habits have caused unmeasurable damage to our environment. Therefore, we hope to design garments meaningfully while at the same time give back to the environment.

Our garments are made under locally sourced organic and deadstock fabrics from factories; aiming to upcycle them. A self-manufacturing clothing line sewn in small quantities where we can maintain our ethics and best control the qualities of our production process.

Who is Rére?
Rére is a team of three individuals who are pursuing to sustain Indonesia's ecosystem through the motive of manufacturing garments ethically.

How Are the Products Made?
Rére acquires its fabric from clothing factories that holds stockpiles of excess fabric. While rescuing fabrics instead of them made redundant, we at the same time are providing the opportunity for multiple factories to contribute to the welfare of 'recycling' at a comparative advantage. 
Our garments are then self-sewn in a home production within small quantities to ensure a exceptional final product, being comfortable and satisfactional to your expectation. We bring our sustainability up to an extent on our packaging as well.

How much is contributed to the environment?
Through upcycling excess fabrics, we reduce the unthriftiness of fabric redundancy, meanwhile giving the opportunity for factories’ wastes to be reclaimed. Through this, we aim to gradually reduce the abnormal growth in our country’s Landfill.

Focusing our manufacturing process that benefits both of us and all the other parties with the hopes on reimbursing our environment, this is the difference Rére hopes for you to take part of as well.